About AATakeCharge

  Founded in 2007 by Dr. M.J. Willard, a behavioral psychologist with 30 years experience in working with people with disabilities, AATakeCharge is designed to support Social Security beneficiaries who want to take charge of their own vocational rehabilitation.  AATakeCharge provides counseling to help clients make wise choices in pursuit of their employment goals.  In addition, AAakeCharge provides clients with Work Support Payments to help them remain in the workforce once they land that job.

If you are able to start out earning at least $840 per month in work earnings, you can receive up to $2.400 in Work Support Payments over 9 months.  

Where does AATakeCharge obtain the money for Work Support Payments? It comes from the Social Security Administration. If you assign your Ticket to an Employment Network, or EN, then your earnings will trigger payments from the Social Security Administration to the EN that holds your Ticket. If you assign your Ticket to TakeCharge, then we pass a portion of the amount we receive for your Ticket back to you.  Just keep in mind that you must earn at least $840 per month in work earnings to trigger payment. The Work Support Payments provided by TakeCharge must be used on items or services that will help you remain employed and working towards self sufficiency and you will be required to submit receipts showing that you have paid for these work related expenses.

This cash and counseling model has been very popular with clients. Since 2001 more beneficiaries have assigned their Tickets to TakeCharge than any other EN in the country.

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