Terms and Conditions

If you have previously registered, do not register again. Should you submit another registration, it will slow down AATakeCharge’s interview process and may result in the loss of some information. AATakeCharge reserves the right to drop candidates from consideration for assignment if they apply using multiple email addresses.

Once you have submitted your registration, you acknowledge that AATakeCharge may contact you via email, telephone, robocall, US mail, and or SMS/text messages. You can opt in to receive text messages by clicking here.  You can opt out of text messaging by clicking here. 

By registering with AATakeCharge, I am stating that I understand the above policies, and agree to all Terms and Conditions involved in registering for services with AATakeCharge. 

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Sign up by calling (866) 701-1700 between the hours of 8:30 am to 4:00 pm CST Monday through Friday.

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